The interesting case of the mortgage prisoner

Posted by Marketing on December 15, 2019

Nurse, Grace, felt stuck after being with her current mortgage provider for 8 years and was surprised to find she couldn't remortgage onto a better deal with them because of 2 CCJs she had registered 3 years ago. Particularly as the new monthly payment would have meant a drop by £300 per month for Grace.

Fortunately, Pepper Money were able to move her onto one of their Fee Free remortgage products, a Pepper 48 2 year fixed, saving Grace £1,200 per month. And because Grace had already built up equity in her property, Pepper Money allowed her to capital raise and use the money to pay off her outstanding debts.

Why use Pepper Money to remortgage?

  • Remortgaging is simple and straightforward and they don’t believe in the value or volume of CCJs or Defaults should stop your client getting a better deal 
  • They understand not all borrowers have the same upfront funds required to remortgage to a new lender, that’s why they offer free valuations, free standard legals and a £0 completion fee option
  • They’ll let your client release the money built up in the value of their property, so they can use it to clear any outstanding debts

Pepper Money’s mission is to help people succeed. Call TFC now to find out more.