Case Study: Exclusive Zero Facility Fee Bridge

Posted by Marketing on August 28, 2014

This week our Bridging Team have demonstrated what a fantastic product Precise Mortgages new Zero Facility Fee Bridge is when approached by a Broker to source a £175,000 short-term loan for a client.

Case Profile

 An ambitious investor seeking to raise £175,000 to fund a self-build residential project only required the loan for a maximum of a six month period.  The client wished to secure the loan against his current residential property worth £350,000.


Our Bridging team demonstrated to our Broker how Precise Mortgages new Zero Facility Fee product could save his client a total of £2023.

Option A – The best quote from our standard Bridging range

Net Loan: £175,000

Monthly rate: 0.80%

Fees: £4,900

Total repayment: £188,657

Option B – Premier Panel exclusive Zero Facility Fee Bridging quote

Net Loan: £175,000

Monthly rate: 0.95%

Fees: £1,400

Total Repayment: £186,634

This product is a TFC Homeloans exclusive, contact our Bridging team to find out more.

Zero Facility Fee Bridging Product Highlights

  • Rates from 0.95%
  • LTVS up to 70%
  • Maximum loan size £1m
  • No exit fees after month one
  • Trail procuration fee



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