Case Study: Bigger Just Got Better

Posted by Marketing on August 5, 2014

Case Profile
A pair of affluent homeowners based in the Central London area wished to raise capital against their current residential property to provide a deposit to purchase an investment property.
Their current property was worth in excess of £1.4 million with a remaining mortgage of £410,000. Our clients have secured a great low interest only rate of 0.40% on their current mortgage. Re-mortgaging their current property would result in our clients being offered a large increase in rate on a repayment term consequently causing financial implications for their future plans. 
Our Second Charge Loan team arranged a £385,000 loan to sit alongside their current mortgage at a rate of only 5.70%, saving our clients over £900 per month.
The loan was quoted, approved and paperwork issued within 48 hours. Completion of this loan is expected in as little as two weeks.
Product Highlights 
  • Loans up to £500,000, even larger loans available on referral
  • Rates from 5.45%
  • No early repayment charges
  • No upfront fees
  • Loans can be used for business purposes, tax bills, debt consolidation or purchasing equity

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