Vida Homeloans launches with Openwork

Posted by wisemarketing on June 8, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Vida Homeloans is now available from TFC Homeloans.

Vida is the specialist mortgage lender for residential and buy to let customers who may not fit the criteria currently demanded by high street banks.

From one input on 1APP@TFC we will provide you with a full list of requirements and documents at the touch of a button on each case and the ability to upload these documents back into the case!

Check out some of Vida's residential and buy to let criteria below:


  • First time buyers - up to 90% LTV; full gifted deposits allowed including builder's deposits for new build (up to 5%) and family gifted/landlord gifted
  • Self-employed - 1 year's verified accounts or SA302 new contract workers
  • Buy together mortgages - up to 4 applicants with 100% of all incomes considered
  • Flats above commercial premises - above restaurants & takeaways; up to 60% LTV. Above commercial premises; up to 75% LTV
  • Impaired & improving credit - small or life events allowable; up to 4 CCJs & defaults and 3 missed mortgage payments allowable up to 75%


  • Portfolio landlords - up to 15 Properties/£4m with Vida Homeloans (50 in properties total); no additional stress on the background portfolio
  • Rental calculation - from 125% rental cover with top up from 115%
  • Expats investing in UK - for existing UK property owners living in any FATF member country or confederation. No minimum income required.
  • Trading company or SPV - available on any trading limited company or brand new SPV
  • Multi-unit blocks & HMOs - MUBs up to 5 units, HMOs up to 8 bedrooms; with 12 months minimum landlord experience
  • First time buyer/First time landlord

Remember to click here to register with Vida before you can submit cases through TFC